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May the quintessence of my passionate years of hard work and research serve as a tribute to the beauty that you embody.
Yvan Allouche, Biologique Recherche founder


Founded in the late 1970s by a family of artisanal skincare experts, Biologique Recherche came about through the passion of biologist and physiotherapist duo Yvan and Josette Allouche. They devised an exclusive, customized methodology of cosmetic treatments adapted to every Skin Instant© and based on products with a high concentration of active ingredients. Biologique Recherche operated as a research and development lab, focusing exclusively on formulating products for beauty professionals who were disappointed by the products available at that time.
In 1992 Biologique Recherche set up its Ambassade in the heart of Paris, in one of the rare historic private hotels on the Champs Elysées. From its quiet inner courtyard, away from the bustle of the streets, only the open carriage gate gives a sense of the Champs Elysées just beyond...
Since its inception, the Ambassade in Paris has been Biologique Recherche’s showcase to the world, where the brand vaunts all its expertise. It brings together under one roof the warmly welcoming beauty institute, where clients from around the world enjoy uniquely personalized skincare treatments, and the Josette Allouche Academy, a training center where Biologique Recherche’s savoir-faire is passed on to estheticians from abroad. As the true seat of the brand, it’s the repository of all the specialist skills, exacting standards, and long experience built up by Biologique Recherche.
In 2015 Biologique Recherche refurbished the second half of the original private hotel to create an elegant setting for its exceptional personalized skincare and for the Josette Allouche Academy. Each space was specially designed to accommodate the treatment protocols. A cozy atmosphere of plush exclusivity combines with superb technical facilities for the ultimate holistic beauty. The brand’s Blue, White and Gold colors reign in the interiors and furnishings, with an added touch of sophistication that’s pure Biologique Recherche.
Building on its 2019 success, the Josette Allouche Academy has expanded to welcome estheticians and doctors from around the world brought together by a passion for beauty.
The treatment is highly customized to your skin instantly. We use one of the following boosters depending on your skin needs.


For more radiant skin
A treatment to detoxify and stimulate the epidermis, and reoxygenate the skin tissue for dull Skin Instants© that are choked by urban pollution. The complexion gains an incredible glow, skin is more luminous and bursting with radiance.


For better-toned skin
A reconditioning treatment that tones the epidermis, is suitable for all Skin Instants©. The skin of your face, neck, and décolleté is drained, smoothed, and toned.


To reduce wrinkles
A treatment that smooths out fine lines and wrinkles for dull Skin Instants©. The skin of your face, neck, and décolleté is toned and redefined.


For lifted, better-toned skin
An exfoliating and lifting treatment combined with massage techniques for mature Skin Instants©. Skin is smoothed, toned, and refined.


For more beautiful skin
An exfoliating and revitalizing treatment for wrinkled, dull, and thick Skin Instants©. Skin is smoothed and refined.


For clearer skin
An exfoliating and regenerating treatment for keratinized Skin Instants© and skin with an irregular micro profile. Leaves skin even, smooth and radiant.
Recommended Treatment Add-Ons:
Fire and Ice
Micro current
Valmont face regenerating mask treatment
Valmont Prime Renewing Pack
Biologique Feerie face mask
Biologique Féerie face and neck
Biologique Toleskin mask


Not sure how Biologique Recherche products fit into your daily skincare? Please come in and try our Introductory treatment. As usual, we will complimentary analyze your skin instant and customize every product to your skin needs. The treatment is 50 mins long and consists of cleansing, exfoliation, massage, masque, serums, and cream.

3 Treatments - $608 ($675 value)

4 Treatments - $810 ($900 value)

6 Treatments - $1,215 ($1,350 value)

This highly customized treatment will be focused on your immediate skin instant improvement. Double cleansing, Opening Biologique massage followed by customized (anti-aging, lymph drainage, lifting) massage, exfoliation, a customized booster, masques, serums, creams, finishing serums, SPF - all of that will give your skin a unique Biologique glow and healthy appearance.

3 Treatments - $824 ($915 value)

4 Treatments - $1,098 ($1,220 value)

6 Treatments - $1,647 ($1,830 value)

This highly customized treatment will be focused on a couple of your immediate skin instant improvements and two boosters will be used. We recommend this treatment to have before special events or to initiate a gradual but visible change in your skin care routine.

3 Treatments - $1,094 ($1,215 value)

4 Treatments - $1,458 ($1,620 value)

6 Treatments - $2,187 ($2,430 value)

This highly customized treatment mainly focuses on gentle skin care for mothers-to-be. It only lasts for 60 mins due to some difficulties to stay in one position. However, it can be stretched up to 75-90 mins, if needed. We combined only light, but very efficient products for this treatment.

3 Treatments - $864 ($960 value)

4 Treatments - $1,152 ($1,280 value)

6 Treatments - $1,728 ($1,920 value)

Add-On Biologique Féerie Visage Face - $75

Add-On Biologique Féerie Visage Face & Neck - $100

This highly customized treatment is for those Biologique lovers who want to stay with the line but need extractions. The main steps of this treatment are Double cleansing, opening Biologique and customized massages, exfoliation, extractions, one booster application, masques, serums, creams, and finishing serums. SPF

3 Treatments - $945 ($1,050 value)

4 Treatments - $1,260 ($1,400 value)

6 Treatments - $1,890 ($2,100 value)

4 Treatments - $1,344 ($1,680 value)

6 Treatments - $2,016 ($2,520 value)